Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bicycle on the road of death

I`m still using my bicycle to and from work. Two miles every day. It`s getting darker. But using blinking lights and reflectors, it works in the traffic of cars.
And it`s a nice feeling to be into the darkness, having only the small light to find my way.
But. This autumn it is the year of the lemmings. Sometimes there`s just so many of them. And they are running around. Into the shops. Crossing the road. Resulting in many flat, dead lemming corpses lying on the road. Forming a mosaic pattern.
The cardrivers may not pay them with much attention.
But from the bicycle, you get a completely different perspective.
They keep on running out in front of my bicyclewheel. I try to avoid them, men sometimes it is inevitable. So often I hear a "squeeeeeek" under my wheels.
Oh, well. Nature get`s a bit closer on a bicycle. That`s for sure.


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